Monday, May 7, 2007

Butterflies - A Desert Spring

Here is a little bit of spring beauty for the brief period of time that butterflies spend time actually among us. I really enjoyed making this video and didn't get bored seeing the same video a few times through the editing process (maybe just the music a little bit since it is the same melody). Enjoy!


Well - what can I say - it was almost greek to me for the SuperHappyVlogHouse event! I hope the video isn't too long - I really edited it down - and still ended up with about 6 minutes. It was great to meet through the virtual world with the guests featured in the video. Thanks to Jen Cheryl and Jan for the visit!

Desert Train

Video and photographs were blended together to make this very short film a little more interesting (hopefully). The graf art on the train cars leaves me wondering about the artists. This was not an especially hot day in the desert yet!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dogwoods & Mom

I recently visited my parents in the deep south - usually my annual visits don't align with the dogwood blooms and I end up missing them. This visit was special not only for the full-bloom dogwoods - but spending time with my mom during our country road walks. The older we all get - the more simple and humble things I appreciate and enjoy! (I can actually say this after the 20 degree "artic freeze" blew through the Southeast and threatened the dogwood blooms a few days into my visit - but I got them on video with my mom for time immortal!)
Relax and listen to the birds!

It has been a little while since I got something up and posted! I have learned that I enjoy the video shooting process - but I'm slow with the edit and conversion process! Thank goodness I have a great video blogging and digital media instructor as Cheryl!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A3F Premiere

What an exciting event and lots of fun in a two week period! From start to finish - I met great people and spent time with friends. It all started with a telephone call from Cheryl (who was helping Josh on his 48 hour film) that they needed an extra for the video. The video made it to the TOP 40 and Honorable Mention - with a premiere night for the videos. Watch my first video of an interview with the guy who started it all - Jae Staats. He was gracious with having me jam the camera in his face and granting me my first interview - thanks Jae! Cheryl and Josh have no idea what they started! I hope you like a little vignette of the A3F 2007 honarable mention premiere (P.S. Josh's film got 3rd for audience fav.)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

1st blog post!!!

Stay tuned to the development of this very artistic vlog - Thanks to Cheryl Colan blogger extraordinaire for getting me on-line. I need moxie for getting through my paranoia of this whole www thing.